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A comprehensive vaccine campaign that focuses on understanding and responding to community needs

  • Addressing vaccine confidence
  • Forming community partnerships
  • Providing education and outreach
  • Increasing vaccine access
  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Conducting continuous quality improvement
Get information about vaccination development


One of the biggest misunderstandings about the COVID-19 vaccines is that many people feel as if they were developed too quickly. Unlike most medications, vaccine technologies, once developed, can easily be adapted to include different organisms.

Get information about vaccinations regarding young adults

Vaccination for the
Young and Healthy

Young adults between the ages of 18-29 have the highest rate of infection among age groups with COVID-19, accounting for 21.6% of all COVID-19 cases. Among young adults, one third are at risk for getting a severe COVID-19 infection.

Get information about vaccination boosters


A booster dose is an additional dose of a vaccine that gives our immune system a “boost” of protection against an organism that causes infection so that we can keep the best level of immunity possible.

Real people with life-changing results

Christopher M. Todd


“This pandemic has disproportionately affected minority communities, particularly with long-term illness and death from complications of the COVID-19 virus. Getting vaccinated is critically important simply because it saves lives, protecting families and individuals, many who could be seriously impacted by the effects of COVID-19 without it.”

Meghan Bonds


“I chose to get vaccinated because, through all the noise of the media and the politics, the science was clear: the vaccines work. I had faith that the force behind developing the vaccines was the desire to keep people healthy, and it is the same desire that drives me to care for my patients every day at Hale County Hospital and Clinic.”

Everything you need to know

What is Long Covid?

Long COVID (also known as Post-COVID) is the name given to symptoms and health issues that patients experience for at least 4 weeks after recovering from a COVID-19 infection.